Thursday, February 3, 2011

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Universal Health Care

I was looking online and found this video on the web. I have been looking into universal health care and completely agree that it ruins the system of a free market. What a destruction of capitalism. It makes no sense to have something government run because those that work it end up being lazy. No offense to my friends working government jobs. It's not your fault you just follow the example of your superiors. I have never seen a system change from the peon up. But I have seen whole corporations change from the top down. I know that Obama loves his health care plan, but he'll just put some idiot who knows a lot about medicine and not enough leadership skills to run it. Then most of what Americans need in health care will be debated and misconstrued in legislature over time because congress will end up controlling it. I'd rather have a money driven business who has to fight to give the best service to me over another company. That sounds awesome!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thanksgiving and the Snow

A few weeks ago I was able to go and make a short trip to see family in Texas! Melissa was so kind to pay for the gas so that Richard and I could drive down. With gas prices being so low it was under $200 Roundtrip for us to go. That’s less than a single ticket!

We stayed with Alison; who was kind enough to put up with Richard and I. We spent the two days we were there eating sleeping and playing games. Probably the best way to spend a holiday! It was awesome seeing my cute nieces and nephew.

Richard and I started our trip back on Saturday into Denver. Bad Idea! It was snowing on the morning of our second day and we headed into winter travel that was not fun. We started north toward Wyoming on the 25, but by the time we hit Fort Collins it was closed. So Rick and I got adventurous and drove down a ways to an opening on the highway that wasn’t “officially” closed off. So we hopped on the empty highway and made our way north. We must have passed about 15 police cars going the other direction, but nobody flagged us down or tried to stop us. The road was clear the whole way up, but not on the southbound. There must have been three major accidents in that direction. Though we made it to Cheyenne bypassing the road closure it was only halted by another closure of hwy 80 heading west.

This time there was no way around it and we decided to wade it out. So we stopped and watched a few shows on my computer and then out of frustration for the long wait and wanting to make it to Salt Lake I tried to make a break for it and see how far the hwy was really closed. A number of cars had started to line up on the highway shoulders waiting for the highway to open. I didn’t want to be in the back when it started and figured if I went around I might get a good spot in front of this mess. I don’t know why and or how we did it but as I entered the hwy and headed towards the last exit for the closure the cars were moving and we just happen to be at the start of the opening of the hwy! Yipee! We were only about five rows back from the front of the pack. It was perfect timing and we didn’t have to waste time fighting the onslaught of waiting trucks and cars. Alas this moment of hope turned into terror because the mask of the situation was that we were headed into adverse weather conditions. Wind blowing, snow, ice, zero visibility! Just to name a few of the conditions. But Richard and I held tight and broke through while listening to the Russian Philharmonic play Christmas music. It just set the mood right as we headed into such a traverse travel. The music must have helped because…well….we are alive and well! Not to say that my blood pressure didn’t go up a few times while driving. It was a remarkable and fulfilling trip! Hopefully Christmas won’t hold the same travails.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oh Snap

So an update on how things are going...I started a job at Nuskin working in their warehouse as a stocker. The pay is ridiculously low but I need something to pay for rent and the bills that I have. I've been lucky to have a landlord that understands my situation and has allowed me to get rent to him at a later time. This is hard for me. I hate the fact of being late on all my bills. But I am grateful that so many people work with you in these situations. Times are getting hard for most people. I ahd to beg for the job I have from a temp agency. So there must be a large influx of people looking for jobs, even in Utah where the unemployment rate is still below 5%. So where I work is interesting. The ladies that are my supervisors have such fowl mouths! More than that they like to talk about their current stand on cursing as if it was a topic of discussion. Weird! Uneducated people just don't understand the importance of having good language skills. Of course I actually voiced my opinion to them that cussing was a form of unintelligence. Then one of the gals said that she just chooses to do it and that she is very well educated. Um hello! You work as a supervisor at a warehouse. No offense but an education of culture would have easily helped you recieve a better job a few years ago. But who am I to talk since I am the stocker that she supervises. Kinda hypocritical? My point is that most people appreciate the fact of having a conversation that doesn't include so many derogatory terms. People can express themselves in so many other ways. And your use of language does reflect your education! I believe that.

So now that I have this wonderful job I am working to get a client base going for my Online Marketing company. Things are slow but I am having a website created by a friend of mine in exchange for services. I am helping him market his website and he is building mine in his spare hours. I am happy to say that he is fulfilling his part of the agreement and I mine. I hope that it will be done by next month.

Last night was my ward talent show. I played Wagon Wheel on my guitar. It is a Bob Dylan original song I think, but the version I have is by Jeremy Mccomb. I think I did well and everybody else did too. I love seeing others express their talents. It amazes me that so many people have these abilities that you don't normally see everyday.

I got the day before Thanksgiving off so I can go to Dallas! I'm way excited. Richard is coming down from Idaho and we will drive from here there. With gas prices so low we might be able to make it round trip for under $200. That is so much cheaper than a plane ticket! This will be Richards first Thanksgiving since he has been home. My sisters and I didn't want him to just spend it in Utah with a few relatives. Melissa was kind enough to put up the money for gas for me to drive him out. It is a short trip but with how many little kids their are running around a few days is all we need before Richard and I go nuts. Oh and I'm way excited to see BYU beat Utah! Sorry Joe.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Marriage? What?

So the topic that usually comes up around here with my circle of friends is girls! I feel like it is a constant BATTLE! Everyday brings new challenges and an older age. This just makes it all the more inspiring. Now I'm just like every other Mormon Boy just trying to find some sweet girl that makes me happy. But more importantly I'm trying to find a girl that I want to date that reciprocates the same feelings. Meaning, she wants to date me? I by no means want to get married any time soon. Why?, well because I want to date. I want to find a girl that wants to go have fun with me and that I can treat with the respect that she deserves. It is fun! Having someone with you and to go play with. I don't want just some girl... I want my best friend that goes and does the same things I like to do. What those things are I don't know? haha But I'm sure she'll figure it out. I think that is why I have such a hard time with Eharmony and those online sites. They ask to many questions. No action is taken! A quote that I remember hearing says that the best way to get to know someone is to do one hour of service with them. I don't think girls know, and if they are reading this they can take note, but I watch. When I go do things with girls I check to see how they react to service or to anything. Not to judge their reaction; but to see if I like the reaction they give or that it corresponds to mine. I don't want miss prissy I don't want to cause I'll break a nail. I also don't want the girl that just does service cause they have to. That's boring! I want the girl who says, "Now here is an opportunity for me to do service and impress Davey!" Just kidding. I hope she wouldn't say that. Well maybe just a little. I hope that she would do it for fun and for charity... and with a big smile! Yes, I believe in that. So what does that mean for me. It means I need to do the same. And I try. No reason for me to have expectations in someone if I don't expect it from myself. My mom and I were talking the other day and I was telling her of a girl that I couldn't really see myself with because she was,well, a little back behind me. My mother said that I could help her if we were together. I said that I couldn't because I committed to myself to have a girl walk beside me and not behind me. Let me say that again- I want a girl to walk beside me not behind me. Not to be mean but who knows how long I would have to drag her. That's not fun. Plus I don't have the patience. I am trying, but a relationship is hard enough without added pressures. That is the same reason I don't date girls past me; or as commonly said, "out of my league." Now I've been working to get in that league. But I realized that I really like the league I'm in. So I'll just grab a girl that's in my league and we can move into the other league together. It will give us something to work on! The hardest part about this whole dating thing is meeting the girl. The right place the right time. I'm in a town filled with single girls and yet I can't find them. I think I need a new circle of friends so I can get introduced to somebody? I think going back to school in January will help too. So with that my journey continues to unfold....

What's in a Job?

So let me give the update that all want to know...I am still trying to get things going for my company. It is still on the burner just simmering until I can get myself on track with everything else. I just took a part time position with a temp agency until I find something better. It is a general labor job, which I love. Especially since it is getting cold. Because working in the heat is not fun! I also went over to UVU to start the process of getting classes this January. This will make me and my family happy to get my schooling done. Sometimes, I think, people worry that I don't take it seriously enough to finish my education. That is far from true. My education has been very important for me. Just the process has been different than the traditional some might say.

My Company has definitely taken a bad toll lately. With my funding gone it has caused me to find a new direction of forming my business. I have had a little success and a few clients roll through. The hardest is to market my services without proper funding. Some have asked why I haven't gone back to my old job. Well I wish it was that simple. I didn't burn any bridges when I left but that doesn't mean I didn't start a few fires on them. If I go back I may not get my job. They usually fill those things when you leave. So I would be sent back under someone that I did not work well with and might also receive a smaller wage. Another effect would be my partnership with them. I would not be able to solicit services if I was reemployed again. So what that means is that I need to get a different job that is closely similar or just try to make it to the end of the year until I can get back in school. At least I can say that I started from rock bottom! I may be poor financially, but I'm more than rich with ideas right now.

My mother has convinced me to write a book about marketing. I can either publish for a book or put it online to sell. I've started breaking it down and writing some parts but it will take me a few weeks to get something like this done. And that is basically where I'm at right now.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Modern Revolution

It seems that things are changing in the US these days. Not only are gas prices skyrocketing, but now we are running into economic turmoil. The effects could be more government control in our markets or maybe another great depression. Now, I don't want another great depression. I don't think any of us do. Somehow though we need to get out of what we are in right now. It is hard for Government not to get involved. They feel responsible for the American people. But they are not responsible for them. It's quite the contrary we are in charge of the government and we are to determine what they can and can't do. The more they decide what they want to do the more we fall into a further socialistic government. So the question is posed, what do we do? I can complain all day long. But what I need is a solution! What if anything can we do to bring and strip the Government of it's control. I believe they have good intent for the most part, the problem is that somebody has been given too much control and continues to get more control. My government doesn't represent my interest but its own. Photobucket What I need is representation. In the world today we have communication that we didn't have before. We can send information from one side of the world to the other in a matter of milliseconds. Why can't the voice of the people represent that to their own government. Why can't the government send that information to us to discuss. We would greatly benefit from the whole instead of a part. If all parties are involved better plans and information can be assessed. Yep, it would take a little bit longer to get answers, but they probably would be the better answers than we get now. Again I have the question of what we do? I don't know but I am willing to listen to anyone who wants to give me their opinion.